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In 2009, the basement classrooms at St. Gregory's were remodeled and each of the RE classrooms acquired a Biblical personality.  Each room was painted with a large mural on the wall, and the room was decorated to match the mural. 

  • The Bread of Life room depicts the interior of a Biblical home, complete with windows looking out to the countryside. 
  • The MarketPlace mural displays a busy market as in the time of Jesus.  Three-dimensional vases and plants bring the busy market into the room. 
  • The Stable Room reflects Jesus' humble beginning, lying in a manger.  It's the perfect classroom for our youngest RE students. 
  • The Lord Rock Cafe was designed with teen students in mind.  A large mural with a guitar player's profile covers the back wall, and the room includes an authentic Castilla guitar, mounted in the room. 
  • The MasterPeace Theater (complete with popcorn machine) has a projector for students to watch movies.  This room also doubles as a game room, with a foosball table, ping pong table, and air hockey game for Youth Nights. 
  • The Sermon on the Mount room shows Jesus teaching to the crowds atop a mountain.  This room has optional pillows for students to sit on, similar to how crowds would sit at the feet of Jesus. 
  • MySpace @ God.Com is our computer room.  Computer equipment in this room allows St. Gregory's to incorporate technology into the RE curriculum with software such as Noah and the Ark, The Prodigal Son, Fluffy & God's Amazing Christmas Adventure, Awesome Bible Stories, and the Children's Bible CD. 
  • And finally, the mural in the Fishers of Men room shows Jesus walking on the water amidst a raging storm.  Church volunteers continued the wave paintings around the whole room!

Even if you don't have children attending RE at St. Gregory's, take some time to view the basement classrooms.  As you head toward the basement, walk with the animals, two by two, as they make their way into Noah's ark.  Our basement ramp was painted with a parade of animals taking refuge from the flood.

We at St. Gregory's are very grateful to all those who worked to bring our basement classrooms to life.