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We all long to come home.  Sometimes, this is the simple desire to return to our physical childhood home to lament at the small size of house where we grew up and to marvel at the changes in the neighborhood.  Often, the coming home feeling surprises us as we drive into town for a class reunion, or we return for Thanksgiving at the family farm.  Perhaps,  having gathered at a wedding or funeral at church, we suddenly realize, we are longing for God's home.  If we are longing to come home, we must first determine why we left.  

First realize that it's ok to leave.  Without leaving, we cannot return with a new perspective of ourselves as self  instead of as a part of a whole. We grow.

Why did I leave the church?  Did I leave out of laziness, too tired to go to find a church or get up for church?  Did I leave because of a conflict a fellow parishioner or with the church?

The perfect Church of Christ's Body is a organism of many messy, imperfect humans.  Just as the neighborhood of your youth has changed, the Church of your childhood has grown and changed. So come home.  We miss you.