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Philosophy Statement:

The Social Action Committee of St. Gregory’s Catholic Church wishes to cooperate in the activity of God’s Spirit in history by responding to the best of our ability to the Gospel message of peace, justice and liberation for all human beings.  We feel that as Catholic Christians we are called to be aware of the sufferings of our brothers and sisters and the conditions which create and allow such pain.  Jesus Christ challenges each of us to bring about a change in these conditions as well as to relieve the immediate human hurt.  Our acceptance of Christ’s challenge requires a commitment to manifest his love at the parish level, local community, state, national and world levels.  Having developed through the inspiration of the Second Vatican Council, our vision is ecumenical so, therefore, we reach out to the worldwide community of faith regardless of denomination or faith expression.  All of our goals and programs will foster an active, engaged spirituality of our entire parish family in support of human dignity, social justice and world peace.  Realizing that we have limited monetary and human resources, the committee will evaluate carefully the needs to which we as a parish family can effectively respond.

Purpose of Social Action Committee:

St. Gregory’s Social Action Committee will develop annual and long term goals, organize and coordinate adopted programs and determine funding requirements through which we as members of a Catholic Christian parish family, and as followers of Christ’s teaching, can help our fellow human beings.

The Social Action Committee is sponsoring The Giving Box.  These large boxes can be found by the church office and by the east door.  Each month, The Giving Box gathers specific items which are then donated to areas of need in Enid.  Requested donations for September are paper napkins and toilet tissue.  These items are in support of Mercy House Forgotten Ministries.